Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lab rat.

How do I amuse myself when left to care for my own child? Scientific experiments!

Today the local university grad students decided to try the infamous marshmallow test with Marielle (among many other tests). They offered marshmallows, M&Ms, or goldfish crackers as the treat. She chose marshmallows, perhaps her favorite food in the entire world.

We watched via video feed from the next room. I told them to not even bother getting me a chair, as I expected it would be over in 20 seconds.

Was I ever wrong.

(didn't actually get out of chair, but thought about it for a second)

Success! She lasted every second of that 15 minutes.

I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure from what I've read on google that Marielle's pretty much guaranteed perfect SAT scores and wealth. Also, she won't grow up to be a bully or drug addict. Verdict is still out on if she will spend years in therapy, angry she couldn't waste away her Spring Breaks like a normal child: lounging on the couch watching the gameshow network for 12 hours a day.

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cbp-trumpet said...

It is quite impressive that Marielle can wait so long to eat some delicious, non-nutritious goodies. That is quite amaz............................

Sorry for the delay. I had to go eat a delicious candy bar.